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Frequently Asked Questions —

About Us
Where can I find the TechTalks from the past?

Scroll all the way up and you will find them under the episodes tab. The TechTalks are listed in chronological orders.

How often are TechTalks released?

An episode will be released every week with topics related to sports analytics, AML, and many more relevant to the finance and technology industry. Our interview, interview prep, corporate relations and marketing team aims to prodivde podcasts with high quality.

How can I join RCFTA if I am interested?

Please check out our social media pages first and reach out to us. More information about RCFTA can be found on:

Can I request TechTalk Topics that I am interested in?

Sure thing, just reach out and we'll look into it!

Why should I listen to these podcasts?

These podcasts contains recent news and insights related world trends, industry overview and most up to date technologies. If you are a curious individual seeking to learn more about business, technology, the economy or the world, you shouldn't miss out on this!