About TechTalks

An initiative led by the Rotman Commerce FinTech Association, TechTalks is a podcast which brings in experts for interviews from the many branches of Tech - ranging from FinTech to Sports Analytics

Our Beginnings

Originally, TechTalks was launched as a wider scope project with workshops, keynotes, panel sessions, as well as podcasts, with the aim being to create an opportunity for students to engage with industry professionals to understand technology’s growing impact on the financial sector. Due to restrictions brought about by COVID-19, we have continued only with the podcast portion of the original vision, whilst also expanding our topics to go beyond FinTech, and into Technology as a whole.

Our Goal

We aim to deliver engaging and enjoyable tech related podcasts to guide business undergraduates (and beyond) on the increasing importance of tech in the business world

Our Past Partners

With our commitment to bring expert insight, we have had industry leading guest speakers from RBC Global Asset Management, BMO Wealth Management, and the Toronto Stock Exchange to name a few. Expect the list to grow in the coming months!

Our Hosts

Learn more about the 3 hosts of TechTalks.

Rotman Commerce Community

To Rotman Commerce students, TechTalks has been a valuable platform to explore financial technology and tech as a whole, and learn about areas which are not widely covered in courses

TechTalks is a fantastic opportunity, it provides the RC community with a medium to discuss otherwise obscure topics related to Financial Technology developments

Patrick Kappel
U of T, BCom Class of 2022

TechTalks is an excellent platform for students to explore business and finance technology as well as an organization that actively strengthens the spirit of collaboration among student groups in the RC community

Michael Strusievici
U of T, BCom Class of 2023

TechTalks are a great opportunity to learn about different careers in Financial Technology as well as explore trends and new advancements

Hannah Tang
U of T, BCom Class of 2023

TechTalks are a super interesting and informative way to get students interested about a variety of cool topics. The speakers are very knowledgeable and its  exciting to hear them speak about the topics they're passionate about.

Aratrik Dhar
U of T, BCom Class of 2022